Field-Erected Tanks by Dennerik Engineering: A Comprehensive Solution

At Dennerik Engineering, we specialize in the professional engineering design, detailing, and shop fabrication of component packages for field erected API 650 tanks. Our services are designed to cover all your needs – from the bottom plates, cylindrical shell courses, roof structures, support structures, nozzles, manways, to access stairs and platforms. We ensure that everything your project demands is provided with precision and according to the highest industry standards.

  • Why Choose Dennerik Engineering for Your Field Erected Tanks:

    • Expert Design and Engineering: Our team of professional engineers and designers utilize four decades of tank engineering expertise, along with the latest software and adhere to the most current API 650 standards to create efficient and safe tank designs tailored to your specific storage requirements. Whether you are storing petroleum products, chemicals, water, or other liquids, our designs ensure compliance, durability, and reliability. At Dennerik, tank design is our core competence.
    • Comprehensive Component Packages: We provide complete component packages that include everything necessary for your field-erected tank. This includes the tank bottom, shell plates, roof structures, support columns and beams, nozzles for process connections, manways for access, and stairs or ladders for egress. Our holistic approach ensures consistency in quality and performance.

    Advanced Fabrication Capabilities: Our 18,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility, supported by a spacious 2-acre yard, is equipped to fabricate large sections of your tank in a controlled environment. This capability allows for significant reductions in field assembly requirements, optimizing the construction timeline and minimizing the overall project cost.

    Efficient On-Site Erection: Beyond shop fabrication, Dennerik Engineering boasts a skilled erection team capable of executing the assembly of your tank directly on your job site. Our team ensures that the project is completed efficiently, safely, and in compliance with all regulatory standards, thereby reducing any potential disruptions to your operations.

  • Design Considerations for Your Field Erected Tank:

    When partnering with Dennerik Engineering for your field-erected tank, several key design considerations are taken into account to ensure the success of your project:

    1. Material Selection: Based on the contents to be stored and the environmental conditions of the site, we work with you to select the most appropriate materials to ensure longevity and integrity of the tank.
    2. Foundation Design: We advise all load to be imposed on your foundation due to hydrostatic, seismic, wind, and climatic factors to enable your foundation design.
    3. Seismic and Wind Considerations: Our designs incorporate analysis for seismic forces and wind loads to ensure structural integrity under varying environmental stresses.
    • 4. Thermal Expansion: We account for thermal expansion in the design of the tank, ensuring that temperature fluctuations do not compromise the tank’s structure or integrity.
    • 5. Corrosion Protection: Depending on the stored substance and environmental conditions, we design for corrosion protection through coatings, linings, or material selection to extend the life of the tank.
    • 6. Safety Features: Safety is paramount in all our designs, incorporating features such as emergency vents, overflow protection, and access controls to ensure safe operation and maintenance.
  • Your Partner from Concept to Completion:

    Dennerik Engineering is committed to being your full-service partner for field-erected tanks, guiding you from the initial concept through design, fabrication, and erection to the final commissioning. Our goal is to deliver a project that meets your specifications, budget, and timeline, with an unwavering focus on quality and safety.

    For more information or to discuss your specific project needs, please contact us. Let’s build something great together. Dennerik – thousands of successful engineer-fabricate projects since 1981.