Custom Platework, Chutes, and Bins: Precision Engineering in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum

  • Dennerik Engineering: Synonymous with Platework Excellence

    At Dennerik Engineering, our reputation as platework experts stands unmatched. With decades of experience, we’ve become the go-to supplier for professionally engineered, accurate, and impeccably finished platework solutions. Our projects, including major platework, chute, and bin packages, are integral components of new and expanding mines and facilities across Canada, showcasing our commitment to excellence and reliability.

  • Tailored Engineering for Optimal Performance

    Our in-house engineering team brings extensive expertise in stiffened flat plate design. By collaborating with your plant engineering and layout team, we ensure the structural design of your chutes and bins is not only cost-effective but also optimally suited to contain dry materials, slurries, or liquids. We specialize in providing all necessary reaction loads at support points, facilitating seamless integration with your building’s design and supporting structures.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Assurance

    With Professional Engineers registered in various provinces in Canada and several states in the USA, Dennerik delivers the regulatory assurances your projects require. Our ability to optimize constructable splice locations addresses transport and erection limitations, ensuring your projects meet both logistical and compliance standards.

  • Precision Design and Detailing

    Our design and detailing team prioritizes accuracy and clarity in shop drawings, ensuring every piece of platework is fabricated to fit perfectly. This attention to detail is a hallmark of our approach, reflecting our dedication to delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

  • Skilled Fabrication and Quality Control

    Dennerik’s team of highly skilled fabricators and certified welders operates under our comprehensive Quality Control Program. Utilizing a vast library of CWB and AWS weld procedures, we fabricate, finish, and inspect all platework, ensuring our fabrications meet and surpass our customer’s expectations.

  • Comprehensive Finishing Services

    Our in-house facilities are equipped for sandblasting and painting, manned by experienced personnel with NACE accreditation. Additionally, we offer the provision and installation of AR plate, cast, or ceramic liners to meet your specific requirements, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Why Partner with Dennerik for Platework, Chutes, and Bins?

    • Expert Engineering: In-house engineering and certification by a seasoned team.
    • Proven Track Record: Thousands of successful projects over four decades.
    • Collaborative Design: A design team that works with you to optimize every project.
    • Certified Quality: Fabrication and welding by certified professionals.
    • Rigorous Inspection: Quality control and inspection by registered CSA W178.2 inspectors.
    • Specialized Finishing: Experienced in-house sandblasting and coatings with NACE inspection.
  • Choose Dennerik Engineering for Unmatched Precision and Quality

    For custom platework, chutes, and bins that require precision engineering and fabrication, Dennerik Engineering is your premier partner. Our dedication to quality, combined with decades of expertise, ensures that your project is not just completed but perfected. Contact Dennerik Engineering today to elevate your project with our expert solutions.